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Professional Horse Hospital

Professional Horse Organisation

Educational Program

    The overall Agricultural Industry and especially the Equine sector is
presently in desperate need of skilled workers. With the average age of
horse owners and trainers getting older (the Canadian average is above
50 years old), farms, training facilities and breeding establishments are
searching for younger skilled people. Careers from that of Stablehands
through to Farm Managers need to be filled by English speaking people
with the appropriate skills, education and experience working with horses.

Career Development
    H.O.R.S.E.S. Equine School will provide an extensive educational
program focused on all aspects of horses. This 2-year comprehensive
course will offer a mixture of classroom studies combined with a daily
hands-on regiment of live practise and exercises. Upon completion of
this full-time (50 weeks per year x 2 years) schedule the graduates will
be extremely well versed and experienced in:
1) General horse husbandry,
2) Stall & Barn Maintenance,
3) Horse grooming and massage,
4) Footcare (Farrier assistant),
5) Diagnostic Equine Health,
6) Horse Breeding and Genetics,
7) Foal Delivery and Mare Care,
8) Care & Training of Newborns,
9) Introductory Equine Medicine.
with additional Specialisation in:
Senior Horse Management.
Breeding Farm Technician.
Equine Treatment Therapist.

    A portion of the H.O.R.S.E.S. Educational Program's Course of Study to be offered will represent similar material that students may learn if attending an Equine Medicine University program. Equine students will study these similar materials offered to under graduate students attending a highly accredited American University such as Stanford.

    A portion of our course of study will consist of placing an emphasis on a "problem-oriented" approach to horse care. The objective is to provide participants with knowledge of common equine medical problems and may include study material in:
Physical examination and neurological examination of horses
Equine colic and Digestive System Disorders
Equine husbandry and familiarity with the equine industry
Animal biology, physiology and preveterinary skill development
Basic anatomy and Physical Examination of the horse
Equine Pregnancy and foaling
Vaccination, Deworming and other preventative medicine
Equine infectious diseases, and
Overall Preventative Medicine practices

Hands-On Training facility
    Prerequisites (Minimum Requirements):
       All applicants MUST have the ability to read, write and comprehend the English language to a Grade 8 level or equivalent. Applicants MUST demonstrate a competence in basic mathematics. Entry testing may be requested prior to admission into any H.O.R.S.E.S Equine Program. Applicants may also be judged as to their level of acceptability into the Equine Program in areas of social functionality, elementary problem solving and ability to follow instructions. Each applicant MUST prove complete reliability and faultless dependability.

For further details on any upcoming H.O.R.S.E.S Equine Program please contact the main registrars office at:
H.O.R.S.E.S. International
All courses offered presently at
Chatham-Windsor, Ontario, Canada

For other course information you can contact H.O.R.S.E.S. Equine School by emailing:

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