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Professional Horse Hospital

Professional Horse Organisation

Breeding Program

    H.O.R.S.E.S. International is a non-profit organization that operates a Vocational Training Program teaching under-educated and under-privileged adults practical skills to become stable hands and horse farm workers.
    As part of the program curriculum we teach pedigrees, genetics, bloodline crossing theories, as well as proper mare and foal care. We breed and develop healthy foals to be registered and sold with the revenues helping pay the bills because we do not receive government funding.
    Exhaustive research and use of diverse breeding techniques has demonstrated that this breeding cross is the optimum available, with the highest likelihood that the offspring foal will compete and succeed on the racetrack. We use varied statistical evidence from components of the various systems used throughout time.
    When our people move on in their lives, we are assured that they have a solid understanding of horse breeding. This will help their future careers.

Recent breeding
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